What happened to laws crew? (2024)

What happened to laws crew?

As mentioned by the narrator himself, the Heart Pirates have now been completely destroyed, with several members of the crew sinking to the bottom of the ocean. While Law wanted to save them, Bepo mentioned that none of them would die and that they would manage to survive.

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Why did Law abandon his crew?

He stayed with the crew until he turned 13, leaving the crew following the death of Corazon by Doflamingo's hands. Law meets Penguin and Shachi after the pair beat up Bepo. After his defection, Law traveled to Swallow Island, where he was taken in by Wolf.

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What happened to Trafalgar Law's crew after Timeskip?

At least one month before the Straw Hats reunited, Law sent his crew to stay at Zou to stay safe, since that is where Bepo was from. He then traveled to Punk Hazard, where he formed a partnership with Caesar Clown. In exchange for allowing Law to stay on the island, Law gave his heart to Caesar.

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What episode does Law reunite with his crew?

"Reunion after Two Years! Luffy and Law" is the 588th episode of the One Piece anime.

What is law's crew called?

And Law's crew is called the HEART pirates... let that sink in.

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Did Law join Straw Hats?

Law joins forces with the Straw Hat Pirates for a brief moment during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and later on saves Luffy's life at the very end of the Marineford Arc. He is one of the central allies of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island, and Wano Country Sagas.

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Where is the rest of laws crew?

The rest of the crew is drowning with the Polar Tang. Meanwhile, only Bepo and Law are on land but barely alive. As Blackbeard is mulling over what to do with Law's devil fruit, Bepo transforms into his Sulong form and attacks him.

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Did Law break his alliance with Luffy?

On Dressrosa, Law called off the alliance while facing Doflamingo but after being captured Luffy forced him back into it stating that it was his choice and not Law's, much to Law's irritation, but reluctant acceptance.

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Does Trafalgar Law love Robin?

Law and Robin have a good relationship, stemming from their more serious personalities. When Law was cornered by Doflamingo and Fujitora, Robin was very concerned about the situation. Law trusted Robin enough that he told her his full name, revealing his connection to the family of D.

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Who will be the 11th straw hat?

Yamata is going to become the 11th member of the Straw Hat pirates soon. We thought she will become one by the end of the Wano arc, but unfortunately, she stayed to help Momonosuke and the others raise Wano back to glory again. But Yamato is confirmed to be the unofficial 11th member of the Straw Hat pirates.

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What is the most viewed episode of One Piece?

One Piece episode 1062 currently boasts a 9.8 IMDb rating

With a stunning rating of 9.9/10 on IMDb, episode 1062 of One Piece stands as the pinnacle of all One Piece episodes, being the highest rated episode to date.

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Is Yamato A Boy or a girl?

Additionally, the Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary lists Yamato's gender as a female in her card entry and then even goes on to refer to Yamato only using she/her pronouns.

What happened to laws crew? (2024)
How did the Straw Hats know to wait 2 years?

Zoro explains the original plan was for the Straw Hats to meet up in three days but now it is in two years (hence why the 3D, standing for three days, is crossed out), so all the Straw Hat Pirates in their various locations all got the message and understand they will meet up in two years at the Sabaody Archipelago.

Why did Law swap the Straw Hats?

It's to stop them from getting away. He had a plan and he needed the straw hats to help execute that plan.

Did Law lose his crew?

While all the Kid Pirates, including their captain, were sunk to the bottom of the sea by Shanks' devastating attack, Law is saved by Bepo, meaning he has a chance to still play a role in the future.

Why didn t Law betray Luffy?

Anyways, why he won't betray Luffy, because of a few reasons: Law was taunted by Doflamingo, who advised him to flee into Dressrosa for protection. He makes plans but Luffy never goes along with them which makes him extremely annoyed. Luffy makes it back to the rooftop, where he attacks Doflamingo repeatedly.

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